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June 2006 - The Annex See our page on Crossbar Exchange for work proceeding within the Annex.  

22 June 2005 - New Website Welcome to the new Ferrymead Post & Telegraph Society Website. The old site has been re-designed to host many new features such as, a new look and feel, online forums, exhibits section, news about upcoming events and projects, and much more. There will also be many features that society members will be able to access. This website is best viewed at 800x600 with Internet Explorer version 5 or higher or Firefox 1.5 or higher. If you have any comments about the website please email me or post online feedback on the contact uspage.  

8 June 2005 - New Telephone Exchange Building After nearly two years of construction the new telephone exchange building at the Post & Telegraph Society is finally complete. This new building as an extension to the northern side of the existing post office building and is to host many new displays of working telephone exchanges and equipment recovered from Hedgehope in Southland. An exchange which, until recently was still in use by Telecom New Zealand. The New Telephone Building, now called the Annex to the Post Office or just the Annex was finally completed as a building & ready for installation of display switching apparatus of different types to those currently on display in the Post Office itself.  

10 May 2004 - Stage 4 of the New Telephone Exchange Building With roof, walls, windows and doors. The new exchange building looks almost complete.  

29 December 2003 - Stage 3 of the New Telephone Exchange Building Timber framework nearing completion.  

30 August 2003 - Stage 2 of the New Telephone Exchange Building The concrete foundation has been poured.  

21 June 2003 - Stage 1 of the New Telephone Exchange Building After a long gestation period the new building is finally underway. The main item of display is a 200 line NEC NC100 rural crossbar exchange. This exchange was recovered from the Hedgehope Exchange in Southland over Christmas New Year period 2001/02. The first stage is to dig the foundations.

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